XR Stories and SIGN produce original research through its internal research team, as well as awarding funding to academics and commissioning projects. This page documents these outputs and is updated regularly. For more information, visit SIGN’s research page.

XR Futures Report: International Perspectives on the Trajectory of Immersive and Interactive Media and Technologies

Author: Dr Sam Stockley-Patel

Published: May 2021

Drawing on interviews and a survey with XR sector workers in 6 continents, this report explores various aspects of XR in three key areas: Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion; Skills and Training; and Hardware. Included in this report are insights from SMEs and Indies, as well as staff at HP, Niantic, HTC, & Aardman.

Beyond the Academy: Engaging with the Creative Industries

Author: Dr Sam Stockley-Patel

Published: April 2021

Drawing on interviews with both academics and sector professionals, this report explores the dynamics of research engagement between cultural and creative industries organisations and researchers at universities across the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Skills Shortages, Gaps and Training Needs in the screen industries in Yorkshire and the Humber

Author: Dr Anna Ozimek

Published: January 2021

This scoping report presents a discussion about skills mismatches in the screen industries through analysis of published studies and reports about skills and training in the CCIs. Drawing on interviews with the industry’s representatives, the report also provides insights into skills and training challenges observed in Yorkshire and the Humber region.

The Time Project Pilot Report

Authors: Dr Jon Swords and Dr Anna Ozimek

Published: October 2020

The ‘Time Project Pilot’ collected data on the working hours of TV production professionals to highlight patterns of overworking in the industry. The report aims to understand which groups of people face the greatest burden of work in the TV industry.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Screen Industries

Author: Dr Anna Ozimek

Published: July 2020

This report explores the available statistical data, existing research and approaches to understanding issues of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the screen industries.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Screen Industries

Author: Dr Jon Swords

Published: June 2020

The first COVID-19 lockdown halted the majority of work in the screen industries. This report explores the immediate impacts and aims to provide recommendations to address future challenges.

Mapping the Scale and Scope of the Creative Industries in Yorkshire and the Humber

Authors: Dr Jon Swords and Dr Nathan Townsend

Published: Summer 2019

This report aims to understand the scale and scope of the creative industries and to begin to map the creative immersive sector in Yorkshire and the Humber.