Our team

The majority of the XR Stories team is based at the University of York. The team includes staff across the broad spectrum of research and development, admin and professional services, creative technology and academic research. 

Damian Murphy – Director

Damian is a leading researcher in Audio and Music Technology at the University of York, with his work on virtual acoustics, auralisation and audio signal processing placing him in over a hundred leading journals and conferences. His creative work has appeared in galleries and festivals of international reputation: these specialisms combine in his role as the University of York’s Research Theme Champion for Creativity. [email protected]

Emma Brown – Programme Manager

Emma has operational oversight for the day-to-day running of XR Stories and the associated project, SIGN. Emma leads planning, and oversees that XR Stories meets defined goals on time and within budget. Emma has worked at the University for over a decade, and in her previous role supported academics to engage with industry, and to understand what external organisations need from academic research. She has supported the transfer of academics’ knowledge and research through spinning out, licencing, collaboration and networking. Emma has also worked with numerous academics to frame the benefits their research can bring and to figure out the best route to engage external organisations with this research.  [email protected]

John Rose-Adams – Creative Producer

John leads the R&D team and works closely with industry and academic partners to drive the growth and innovation of Yorkshire’s creative cluster. He has worked in higher education for over 10 years, leading strategic projects, research and development, research projects and programmes, and managing programmes of academic consultancy. [email protected]

Joe Rees-Jones – Creative Technologist

As Creative Technologist, Joe offers research and technical support to XR Stories-funded projects, as well as providing expertise on state-of-the-art immersive technology at the King's Manor creative lab. Joe graduated from the University of York Music Technology BSc and PhD in Music Technology, investigating the implementation of spatial audio in video games. Joe joined the Audio Lab at the University of York as a PhD student to develop his research, including an award-winning investigation into the impact virtual reality could have on community singing and mental wellbeing. [email protected]

Sophie Palmer – Administration Manager

Sophie is the Administration Manager for XR Stories, and for the closely aligned SIGN project. Sophie leads a team of four administrators in the support of the two projects. Applying skills and knowledge from six years of experience in University project support, her role at XR Stories is to create, manage and review administrative systems for recording and maintaining project data, and to manage expenditure in line with University and funding body policies. She enjoys providing admin support to project stakeholders and using cloud-based technology to implement administrative systems which facilitate collaborative working by the project teams.

Sue Edmunds – Communications Specialist

Sue leads the planning, production and distribution of accurate and engaging content for XR Stories and XR Network+. Sue works closely with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that communications align with project/campaign objectives, are tailored to the target audience, and consider the needs of collaborating institutions, departments, and industry partners. Sue has experience working across marketing, communications and events in higher education and in the private sector.

Emma Willingham – Project Manager

Emma is a proactive Project Manager working across XR Stories and XR Network+. Emma successfully led the operational delivery of the XR Stories Creative Media Labs project, and now manages the established immersive technology lab in the Guildhall, York. Emma is keen to encourage strong team support, and contribute to projects that are pivotal for screen storytelling experiences.

Dan Norman – Administrator

Dan is responsible for administrative tasks across XR Stories and XR Network+, including ongoing administration for the XR Stories lab. Dan also aids the reporting and evaluation of XR Stories and XR Network+ activities, alongside the planning and organisation of events. Dan was previously the administrator for the XR Stories Creative Media Labs project and before that, worked with the University of York's Research Theme Champions. Dan has a background working in film and TV.