For companies and creatives

XR Stories supports companies, organisations and freelancers working in technology-led creative content, experiences and stories. 

To date, we’ve worked with more than 600 businesses in the Yorkshire region, providing research and development support to help create new experiences, boosting innovation and economic growth with resulting societal and cultural impact.

We advise on the development of extended reality projects, facilitate new connections to help ideas flourish and provide infrastructure and equipment for companies to experiment, explore and accelerate development of extended reality experiences. 


The XR Stories residency programme provides opportunities for creative businesses to work on projects using the latest XR technologies in a space outside of their usual environment, to incubate new ideas and carry out productive research and development. Successful applicants will become residents in the XR Stories immersive technology lab, using our facilities and state-of-the-art technology as their own workspace. With support from the XR Stories R&D team, residents will have up to five days of focused R&D time to make demonstrable progress in their project. 

If you are interested in applying for a residency with XR Stories, please read our guidance document before submitting your application. The guidance includes essential information about the programme including eligibility criteria, applicant commitments and details of the residency windows.

Apply for a residency with XR Stories


XR Stories supports internships to enable University of York students to gain valuable experience working in industry, backed by support from the XR Stories team. 

We work with the University of York’s York Internship programme to facilitate connections between companies and students, providing R&D expertise and facilities support to augment creative projects. 

The York Internship programme offers students a paid placement of up to 12 weeks to work on a creative project with an industry partner. 

If you are interested in how an intern could be useful to your business, or if you would like to fund an intern, please get in touch at [email protected].

R&D expertise and facilities support

The XR Stories team provides advice, expertise and facilities to help augment and accelerate existing creative projects. 

The XR Stories lab is designed as a place of creative experimentation and collaboration. We have a range of cutting-edge technologies to support your ideas including cinema quality cameras, an optical motion tracking system, 3D scanning equipment, and flexible immersive audio provision centered around our LED wall and virtual production test stage. 

To enquire about our support services, please complete the XR Stories enquiries form.