Storylab: six stories supported and developed by XR Stories

The XR Stories funded Storylab project has provided support to early-career screen industries talent in Leeds City Region to deliver immersive and interactive stories.

Working in partnership with BRiGHTBLACK, XR Stories funded masterclasses and mentoring, enabling participants to evolve their ideas into developed stories.

Following on from the Bradford XR FilmMakers masterclass which kicked off the work, XR Stories then funded the development of six projects from Storylab participants. Each one explored how innovative technology could be used to engage and challenge audiences.

Tanya Vital, creator of Vital Stories, says: “If XR Stories hadn’t believed in my idea and helped fund its development, the UK’s first fully immersive, interactive, choose-your-own adventure, live-action crime thriller on Twitch, would have never been made.”

Explore the six projects below:

Published on 25 January 2022

Filed under: Digital storytelling, R&D Projects, XR Stories