Think Twice: Critical thinking in VR

Project partners: BRiGHTBLACK

XR Stories partnered with BRiGHTBLACK to deliver training and mentoring for six projects commissioned as part of the Storylab work.

One of the projects was Think Twice, a collaboration between TV producer, Hollie Bryan, and interactive and immersive writer, Emma Nuttall.

Think Twice explores immersive storytelling in VR as a medium to create a story looking at media bias, social polarisation and the nature of an echo chamber. The project was developed in Unity Games Engine, following hands-on development training in the software.

The team scripted a branching narrative story, imagining a dystopian postmodern world fraught with socio-political tensions. The prototype uses immersive storytelling to give audiences the ability to make decisions that will impact the characters, encouraging viewers to develop critical thinking and question their own processes in unconscious decision making.

Categories: Film, Games, Technology