Extending Emmerdale

Project partners: ITV Studios, XR Stories and the Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN)

Working with ITV’s Emmerdale team, XR Stories and SIGN are exploring the future of this popular TV series. Two new R&D projects will be funded to explore digital storytelling around Emmerdale, and produce user-tested prototypes to be released as public-facing experimental works. 

Emmerdale has a vibrant history in digital and story experimentation, a committed fan base, and just celebrated its 50th year with the launch of the documentary, 50 Unforgettable Years.

The aim of the Extending Emmerdale project is to explore the potential for extending the established Emmerdale universe to new transformative interactive and immersive audience experiences, bring current and future fans closer to the Emmerdale storyworld, and reach new audiences.

For more information about Extending Emmerdale, contact [email protected].

Image credit: ITV Studios

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