From Fire and Ice: The Viking Creation Myth

Project partners: York Archaeology, AY-PE

XR Stories is supporting York Archeology to develop a mixed reality experience that explores the rich history of Norse tales and myths.

From Fire and Ice: The Viking Creation Myth will fuse ancient and modern storytelling techniques to offer audiences the opportunity to engage with narratives from the Viking past in an immersive and tangible way.

The project team will create an immersive storytelling experience which will take place at York Archeology’s ‘DIG’ attraction. Audience members will sit around a fire as a real life Skald (a Viking poet) recounts stories from the Viking past. As the Skald narrates, projection mapping technology will be used to display animated graphics, characters and scenes within the surrounding environment.

From Fire and Ice is one of four projects awarded research and development funding from the XR Demonstrators programme. The programme aims to explore how eXtended Reality technologies can be used to reach new audiences and support growth across Museums, Galleries, Libraries, Music, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts.

Categories: Arts, Heritage, Technology