Behind the screen: The ITV Emmerdale immersive VR experience

XR Stories is working with AY-PE, an audio-visual, multimedia and software design company, to develop a prototype immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience exploring new ways for audiences to engage with ITV’s popular drama series, Emmerdale.

‘Behind the screen: The ITV Emmerdale immersive VR experience’ transports viewers into a “live” scene where they can interact with characters and experience the dynamic buzz of an Emmerdale set. 

The experience uses 360 visual and audio to entertain, inspire and educate, providing an insight into the diverse skills of the Emmerdale cast and production team. 

Funded by SIGN and XR Stories as part of the Extending Emmerdale initiative, the collaboration explores the potential for augmenting the established Emmerdale world. 

In creating new, interactive and immersive experiences, the project aims to bring current and future fans closer to the Emmerdale storyworld, and reach new audiences.

Following successful user-testing at ITV studios, the prototype experience will feature at Beyond 2023 as part of the Immersive Futures Lab and public-facing trials are planned for 2024.

Categories: Research, Technology, TV