The Tell-Tale Rooms: Exploring virtual rooms using CGI and 360° VR

Project partners: Tyke Films and the University of York

XR Stories has awarded match funding to Sheffield-based production company Tyke Films for their upcoming project, The Tell-Tale Rooms.

Tyke Films work with original voices to produce cinematic storytelling which explore the intersection between documentary and fiction. To deliver this project, Tyke Films is collaborating with leading visual and video artist Andrew Kotting, with academic input from the University of York.

The project celebrates the life and unique experience of artist Eden Kotting, through an immersive storytelling experience.

The Tell-Tale Rooms will enable audiences to explore Eden’s memories and lived experience through virtual rooms modelled on her childhood home. A labyrinthine series of tell-tale rooms inspired by Eden’s artwork will explore concepts such as the Room Of Nostalgia, Room Of Regret, and the Room of Make-Believe. Animated tell-tale heads will encourage audiences to explore every nook and cranny to unearth archive footage and materials.

The project will explore how audiences might explore Eden’s memories in and through a virtual world and will encourage discussions around neurodiversity and lived experience.

This project was funded through the Open XR funding call.

Categories: Arts, Technology