A Carnival Comes to Town: Poetry in VR

Project partners: BRiGHTBLACK

XR Stories partnered with BRiGHTBLACK to deliver training and mentoring for six projects commissioned as part of the Storylab work. One of these projects, A Carnival Comes to Town, combines poetry and video games in a unique VR experience.

Mike Leigh Cooper, a creative producer and founding partner of InkBlot Films in York, worked with artist and poet, Bernie Cullen, to bring poetry to life in a virtual environment for children to explore. The project was created in Unity Games Engine, following hands-on development training in the software.

The aim of the project was to inspire the next generation of arts creators by developing an engaging and playful virtual environment for children to promote creative play, imagination and literacy skills. The virtual environment enables the audience to interact with different animals and see the world from an unusual perspective.

Categories: Arts, Technology