Vital Stories – Immersive storytelling on Twitch

Project partners: BRiGHTBLACK, Urban Conceptz Theatre

XR Stories partnered with BRiGHTBLACK to deliver training and mentoring for six projects commissioned as part of the Storylab work.

Tanya Vital, an actor, writer and digital content producer based in Bradford, created one of these projects, a live-streamed interactive film called Vital Stories.

Working with Urban Conceptz Theatre, Tanya explored the potential of gaming platform, Twitch, to deliver an immersive storytelling experience. Focusing on crime drama, the prototype Tanya developed gives the audience the ability to shape the narrative as the experience unfolds. Actors from Urban Conceptz Theatre explored how to engage with the audience directly in a more immersive way, breaking the fourth wall to create a more intimate and direct connection.

Tanya explored the potential of multimedia storytelling techniques, using live polls to shape the branching narrative and embedding evidence clues and problem solving tasks to enrich the experience. The audience on Twitch participated enthusiastically and the project received rave reviews from her established fan base on the platform.

Categories: Games, Technology