XR Stories supports the Bradford FilmMakers 25 project 

XR Stories has partnered with Under The Moon and BRiGHTBLACK to deliver a two day masterclass in XR technology and interactive and immersive storytelling to aspiring filmmakers in Bradford and the Leeds City Region.

The masterclass is part of FilmMakers 25: a scheme supporting aspiring filmmakers and digital content producers in the Bradford district to accelerate their careers in the screen industries. The programme provides mentoring support from industry experts and aims to create a strong talent pool by 2025, the year Bradford is bidding to win UK City of Culture status. 

XR Stories worked with FilmMakers 25 to deliver an introductory workshop to introduce XR technologies to the filmmakers in February 2021. 

In March 2021, XR Stories hosted a two day masterclass via Zoom to introduce the filmmakers to immersive and interactive storytelling. Immersive producers BRiGHTBLACK, who specialise in story and immersive technologies, devised and led the Immersive StoryLab workshop. 

The next stage of the project will provide the opportunity for the cohort to pitch their ideas to XR Stories. Successful proposals will be awarded funding to develop and deliver their new immersive and interactive stories. 

Storyteller and award winning filmmaker, Imran Azam, a participant of the workshop, said: 

“As someone who appreciates the need to ‘tell better stories’ it was great to learn about the untapped potential of AR/VR in this regard. The convergence of the film, gaming, theatre and live outdoor events experience through XR technologies is an extremely exciting prospect and this course provided important guidance in an often difficult to navigate space.”

Hollie Bryan, freelance producer and production manager, another participant of the masterclass, shared her experience: 

“I enjoyed the collaborative aspects in relation to the content, it was really interesting to explore the way this kind of storytelling can be used in my own practice.” 

Actor, writer and digital content creator, Tanya Vital, who also took part in the two day workshop, commented: 

“I think what was most solidified for me is that tech is NOT neutral and it’s definitely a space that is crying out for more diverse voices. It also was the reassurance I needed that my instincts have always been right. Storytelling does not have to happen under a proscenium arch.”

Published on 23 March 2021

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