NDEVR: Immersive 360° Storytelling

Project partners: BRiGHTBLACK

XR Stories partnered with BRiGHTBLACK to deliver training and mentoring for six projects commissioned as part of the Storylab work. NDEVR is one of these projects. A collaboration between Kate Wellham, a freelance creative producer and immersion coordinator for Live Cinema UK and immersive artist, Michaela French, the project explores the potential for using fulldome (an immersive dome-based video projection environment) to create immersive 360° storytelling experiences.

Inspired by the life-changing and multi-sensory nature of near death experiences, NDEVR examines how to bring to life these authentic stories in an engaging way. The team created a concept visual and audio piece based on the stories of real people.

Categories: Film, Technology