Vanished Streets

Project partners: Kitty Greenbrown, University of York, Explore York Libraries and Archives and BetaJester

XR Stories is supporting York-based creative, Kitty Greenbrown, to develop and test a prototype story experience.

‘Vanished Streets’ is an emotive Augmented Reality (AR) experience that scratches the surface of the modern city to reveal the small, personal histories that lie behind it.

Using a combination of AR, poetry and archive material, Vanished Streets aims to turn a phone into a time machine, allowing the user to hover it over a shop, house or hoarding to reveal the building that once stood there – along with the passions and preoccupations of the people who once called it home.

The project will initially focus on the lost inner city suburb of Hungate in York in partnership with Explore York Libraries and Archives. The R&D phase will include the development of a working prototype of the app, built by BetaJester, featuring one property and one story. 

Vanished Streets is one of three projects awarded XR Stories R&D funding as part of the Storymode programme. 


Categories: Research, Technology