Under Her Black Flag

Project partners: Last Maps

XR Stories is supporting York-based design studio, Last Maps, to develop and test a prototype story experience.

A pirate epic centred around two characters, Under Her Black Flag aims to take the classic treasure map and update it for a contemporary audience. The experience will use interactive maps and immersive technologies to explore a changing narrative across web, app and physical location.

Based in York, Under Her Black Flag will provide both online and physical audiences with a trail of breadcrumbs as they explore the city to put together pieces of the puzzle, work out the treasure map and ultimately determine the course of one of the main characters in the story.

The project offers Last Maps a unique opportunity to experiment with eXtended Reality technology and to develop new skills and experience.

Under Her Black Flag is one of three projects awarded XR Stories R&D funding as part of the Storymode programme. 

Categories: Research, Technology