Project partners: Cosmos Films

XR Stories is supporting Yorkshire-based film production company, Cosmos Films, to develop and test a prototype story experience.

‘Tunche’ is a transmedia project that spans film, game and VR. Working with XR Stories, Cosmos Films aim to create a VR experience that will introduce the audience into a larger storyworld, mixing realism with Peruvian folk magic in a mysterious rainforest setting.

The project will focus specifically on developing knowledge of motion capture and how it can build believability into characters.

Using the XR Stories lab facilities in the York Guildhall, Cosmos Films will explore how motion capture can be used to create deeper connections with the audience. 

The project offers Cosmos Films a unique opportunity to experiment with eXtended Reality technology and to develop new skills and experience.

Tunche is one of three projects awarded R&D funding from XR Stories as part of the Storymode programme. 

Categories: Research, Technology