The Burning Room: A Comedy-Horror VR Experience

Project partners: BetaJester and the University of York

VR and immersive experiences studio BetaJester, have produced a prototype for their upcoming project, The Burning Room, from writer Jeremy Dyson (The League of Gentleman, Ghost Stories), and BAFTA winning producer, Jon Aird (Psychoville Experience, Modern Horror Stories). The VR experience was funded by XR Stories.

Click here to view the video with audio description.

BetaJester specialise in producing bespoke VR, gaming and immersive solutions for clients across the globe. They create immersive content, rapid prototyping, gamification for research and heritage, as well as idea creation and game design for all leading platforms.

To deliver the project, BetaJester collaborated with academics from the University of York.

The Burning Room is a comedy-horror VR experience transporting you deep into Britain’s torrid industrial past, with its perpetual cycle of decrepit housing and failed renovation.

BetaJester developed a short narrative experience that explores game mechanics, narrative approaches and the creation of atmosphere in a VR experience, enabling the team to pitch for full funding for the next stage of the project.

This project was funded through the OpenXR funding call.

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