Monoliths: Exploring outdoor locations in VR

Project partners: Pilot Theatre and the University of York

XR Stories has awarded funding to York-based Pilot Theatre, for their upcoming project, Monoliths.

Pilot Theatre is an international touring theatre company, who specialise in interactive and participatory productions, focusing on the changing relationship between technology and live performances. Pilot Theatre is collaborating with academics from the University of York to deliver this project.

Monoliths explores the use of virtual reality and audio soundscaping (audio that listeners would normally hear in a real environment), to create a unique immersive storytelling experience.

The project celebrates the stories of three young women whose origins are tied to the Northern landscape where they have grown up. They are monoliths – standing stones – each one a powerful and influential force in her own right.

Audiences will experience three artistically rendered environments based on real outdoor locations in the Northern landscape. Monologues will be delivered using spatially recorded voices, combined with the soundscapes of real locations.

The project will enable Pilot Theatre to explore fusing real audio soundscapes of a location, with 3D rendered environments.

This project was funded through the Open XR funding call.

Categories: Arts, Technology