XR Games: Storybox

Project partners: XR Games and University of Sheffield

XR Games, an award-winning games studio based in Leeds, used XR Stories funding to work on a high-profile R&D project to develop an innovative and cutting-edge form of immersive entertainment. The development studio specialises in immersive AR and VR content and has already created games for some of the industry’s most renowned organisations, including Angry Birds Under Pressure VR for PlayStation.

Their Storybox project has delivered a fresh, contemporary way of telling stories and the team aims to make a huge impact on the future of immersive and interactive storytelling for young audiences. The ambitious scope of the project demonstrates the high calibre of work currently being undertaken in the digital creativity landscape in Yorkshire.

XR Stories funding was used to develop a prototype, which then underwent usability testing with families in Yorkshire. The end product has engaged, enchanted and educated an audience of 9-11 year old children.

To ensure that the project fulfilled its exceptional potential, the team received support from academics with expertise in literacy and play, Dr Jessica Bradley, Dr Becky Parry and Dr Fiona Scott, who are members of the Literacies Research Cluster and based in the School of Education at the University of Sheffield.

Categories: Arts, Games, Technology