To Play For: Character-driven stories powered by AI

To Play For is a creative technology company that develops interactive immersive stories on its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform,

As part of the 5G Futures research and development challenge through XR Stories, To Play For has partnered with WarnerMedia to develop a new 5G powered concept to deliver immersive and interactive storytelling driven by natural language to WarnerMedia audiences.’s technology, built on storytelling principles inspired by television, publishing, comics and theatre, enables audiences to engage directly with characters and stories through conversation, to shape and change the story.   

Recent projects include interactive dramas for Sky and the BBC, as well as supporting Epic Games’ new Metahumans technology, where the avatars’ performances are created dynamically by the story script in

For four years, has been developing a technology stack where interactive products can be built and scaled rapidly. Building on’s existing interactive storytelling platform, To Play For are uniquely positioned to deliver immersive interactive stories into mainstream markets through the partnership with WarnerMedia.

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