The Chime Hours

Project partners: Lord Whitney, Reflex Arc, BrightBlack, Testbed

XR Stories is providing research and development funding and expertise to help Leeds-based studio, Lord Whitney, bring immersive technology to their existing story experience.

Set in a mysterious world of the forgotten, the surreal and the subconscious, The Chime Hours originated from an existing experience, The Wood Beneath the World, that was developed as a site-specific piece for Leeds Town Hall in 2014. 

The Lord Whitney team plans to revisit, adapt and elevate their original piece to create a prototype, location-based VR experience. The team will draw on knowledge and skills gained from their Artistic Director’s participation in the XR Stories Immersive Digital Accelerator programme

A collaboration with software developers, Reflex Arc, will create a lean prototype of the new VR world in Unity. This early prototype will be shared with network peers using the Testbed venue to facilitate discussion and feedback on how to develop the experience. 

In exploring the development of The Chime Hours, the project will provide valuable insights into the opportunities, limitations and ways in which creatives can incorporate immersive technology into their installations and experiences.

The Chime Hours is one of four projects awarded R&D funding and expertise from the OpenXR 2 funding call. 


Categories: Research, Technology