Surround Stories: Immersive Screens for Cultural Exhibition

Project partners: Live Cinema UK, University of Leeds, University of Nottingham and King’s College London

Live Cinema UK has grown to become the country’s leading organisation dedicated to producing, promoting and researching live cinema events. Based in West Yorkshire, their performances reach over 400,000 live audience members, and they collaborate with over 60 partners across more than 10 countries.

This research and development project is the first to look at the potential of cross-sector 360 degree and immersive screen venues, including planetariums, Igloo and CAVE systems, to exhibit work by storytellers of all kinds.

Surround Stories aims to create a new and original immersive showcase, mapping work into a 360 screen environment. The final results will be shown to an audience in an immersive screen venue. The work will provide a basis for further research into 360 degree, interactive content and live performance in cultural venues.

Categories: Performance, Technology