Responsive Interpretive Storytelling

Bright White, the University of York and the National Science and Media Museum

Bright White is a creative design consultancy based in York. Bright White’s mission is to engage the next generation with the riches of the past and present, to help them live and learn.

In March 2020, the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford will launch an exhibition ‘Shape of Sound’ that contains narrative and interpretive challenges. Responsive Interpretive Storytelling will develop a combination of mixed reality display technology, context data, AI and user preference interaction to deliver the most appropriate and engaging content to individual users.

The University of York has been working on VR in museums since 2016 and will use former R&D findings to further develop stories and find angles that appeal to all audiences. ‘Shape of Sound’ contains narrative and interpretive challenges and will deliver a prototype responsive mixed- reality display, expose it to an authentic audience, and provide an opportunity to evaluate the approach, with a view to becoming a legitimate future option for permanent object-led storytelling.

The R&D project will enable Bright White to further develop and refine its application of mixed reality display technologies, better suiting content to audiences.