Prox & Reverie: Connecting worlds through INTERCHANGE

Prox & Reverie is a multi-reality experience company, innovating new ways to bridge physical, digital and imagined worlds.

As part of the 5G Futures research and development challenge through XR Stories, Prox & Reverie have formed a partnership with WarnerMedia to develop their 5G prototype, INTERCHANGE.

INTERCHANGE is a portable physical doorway system capable of connecting worlds, both real and fictional. Audiences can step through doorways into their favourite WarnerMedia story world or sports event and interact with their favourite characters or stars. 

The INTERCHANGE doorway system is conceived as a complete volumetric 5G media content solution. It allows for lifelike volumetric characters and live interactive motion-captured avatars of fictional and real characters to be created and streamed to multiple users and locations simultaneously in wholly lifelike and photoreal environments.

The INTERCHANGE doorway could be installed in strategic public places during WarnerMedia launch events, sports venues, education centres, libraries or shopping malls near WarnerMedia stores across the globe. 

The prototype aims to leverage the power of 5G to consolidate and amplify immersive experiences and expand WarnerMedia’s growing immersive universe.

Categories: Technology