Protopian Tales: Using XR to bring animated stories to life

Project partners: Humanstudio, Hope Works and the University of York

XR Stories has awarded match funding to Sheffield-based creative agency Humanstudio for their upcoming project, Protopian Tales. This project is also being supported and jointly-funded by Hope Works, a nationally recognised live music venue in the centre of Sheffield that has hosted an international array of artists since its inception.

Protopian Tales makes use of immersive technologies to promote a unique form of storytelling for new and emerging audiences. Each story will take place in a near future where extended-reality (XR) technology has become ubiquitous to human existence, enhancing and affecting our everyday lives in both subtle and major ways.

Humanstudio will work with Hope Works to create high-quality content for their core and extended audiences via digital platforms. Researchers at the University of York will be supporting the R&D phase of the project.

The project will enable Humanstudio to further strengthen their narrative skills in forming unique XR experiences for audiences.

Nick Bax, creative director and industry expert says:

“We are delighted to have been awarded match funding by XR Stories and Hope Works. With this project we hope to reach a new audience, many of whom will not typically be interested in immersive experiences but who will be drawn by the association with Hope Works and the musicians involved in the project.

It is our goal that this unique immersive experience will generate genuine excitement and enthusiasm from a wide and diverse demographic toward future extended-reality (XR) content and creativity.”


Project Update: The Neon Pack

The Neon Pack is a Protopian Tale directed by Nick Bax, commissioned by Hope Works and match-funded by XR Stories. This immersive 360 experience by Human interprets three scenes from the original short story by Nick Bax, featuring VR design and animation by Dan Fleetwood, with additional design by Michaela White and an original soundtrack by 96 Back on CPU Records.

View the full project here


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