Project partners: Tyke Films and the University of York

XR Stories is supporting Tyke Films, a Sheffield-based production company, to create a new VR experience based on an animated short film.

The project takes storytelling and animated elements from Plunge, which follows Katie’s healing journey through swimming in the North Sea. With hand-drawn animation, haptic feedback, mindfulness and breathing elements, Plunge VR aims to introduce users to the power of immersive experiences for wellbeing.

By placing users at the centre of Katie’s real-life story of empowerment, the project team hopes to offer a powerful experience of agency and total immersion. The experience will be set within an underwater playground full of curious everyday objects that users can interact with to learn more about Katie’s story.

Plunge VR has received an R&D grant from the OpenXR 2 funding call.

Categories: Research, Technology