Live by the Sword: Tactics

Project partners: Labrador Studios and University of York

Live by the Sword is a video game which uses artificial intelligence. The game is being developed by the team at Labrador Studios, and will be informed by research from academics at the University of York.

Live by the Sword is set in a land where a great war has recently finished. The people are starting to rebuild their lives but resentment is growing among the population.

The XR Stories research and development funding will be used to explore how gameplay can be adjusted dynamically to meet the individual skill levels of different players. This would ensure that the game remains at the right level of difficulty throughout the game, tailored to the individual, and ensure that they are never bored by the game being too easy, or frustrated by it being too hard.

Live by the Sword will look at using a Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment (DDA) agent, using Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) to control the level of the game. The team will investigate whether a DDA artificial intelligence system can incorporate specific actions from the narrative arc into its plan without affecting the level of difficulty in the game.

The team will build, test and iterate a working prototype of the game that is powered by the DDA AI and which integrates the necessary story elements.

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