Lag-free audio communication

Project partners:

Lag-free audio communication was an MSc project funded through the XR Stories studentship scheme.

The team working on this project set out to develop a new system (VIIVA-NMP) that enables natural interaction over the internet to the point that individuals can make music together in real time within a shared virtual space.

The team combined state-of-the-art immersive audio technology and existing approaches towards synchronous performance over internet networks to reduce the delay experienced between two users, so that their voices are able to be heard at the same time.

The VIIVA-NMP system has now been tested with users across the UK and Europe and shows that immersive and natural music performance is possible, and that the ability to control the virtual acoustic of the performers may help them to manage lag when it is unavoidable.

Patrick Cairns, the student who worked on this project, says:

“This has been an extremely exciting project to work on, where research in a cutting edge field has allowed us to develop and test technology which can drive the future of network music performances. Being part of a project where I get to be involved in the creative design of systems, and see the beneficial results and practical contribution first hand, has been an incredible experience.”

This VIIVA-NMP system also has the potential to improve immersive gaming experiences and to solve problems of remote group music performances in the future.

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