Fowl Play: A prototype Roblox ITV Emmerdale experience

XR Stories is working with Leeds-based metaverse experience company, Dubit, to develop a prototype for an Emmerdale Roblox game. 

The prototype recreates ITV’s popular drama series as an interactive game on the Robox platform and game creation system. Players can explore the Emmerdale village, get to know some of the characters and help solve a crime. 

Funded by SIGN and XR Stories as part of the Extending Emmerdale initiative, the collaboration explores the augmentation of the established Emmerdale world. 

In creating new, interactive and immersive experiences, the project aims to bring current and future fans closer to Emmerdale, and reach new audiences.

The prototype experience will feature at Beyond 2023 as part of the XR Stories R&D showcase at the Immersive Futures Lab. 

Categories: Games, Research, Technology, TV