Exploring persuasive interactive film

Project partners:

This MSc project, funded through the XR Stories studentship scheme, is centred around how interactive film, in conjunction with social media and second screen applications, can be used to discuss complex and important issues.

Rebecca Gallon, the student who led on this project, created an interactive film in which a teenage girl is subjected to cyberbullying by her peers. While watching the film, audience members can use their mobile phones to affect the outcome of the story, helping them to understand and reflect on the implications of social media on individuals.

By evaluating people’s reactions to the film, Rebecca has contributed to research and illustrated how interactive media can help to enable discussions on important issues, such as cyberbullying.

Rebecca Gallon, the MSc student who worked on this project, says:

“This opportunity gave me a passion for interactive film. I learned how to code from scratch, how to screen films online (because of Covid-19), and how to design a psychological user survey to assess the impact of interactive storytelling. I also met fascinating interactive storytellers thanks to the International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, and it all reinforced my love for filmmaking.

Now, my MSc degree might be over but my journey as an interactive researcher and filmmaker is only just beginning! While working as a coordinator for the NewImages Festival in Paris, I aim to continue my research through my website, Interstory, an online hub for interactive storytelling lovers. I am also planning a longer version of the interactive short film made as part of my Masters by Research funded by XR Stories. I believe a longer and more complex story about bullying could help both teenagers and parents to understand and fight cyber bullying.”

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