EARS (Esports Audience Response System)

Project partners: BetaJester Ltd and University of York

Streaming platform content creators on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube are the modern version of the traditional storyteller, but they’re currently limited by the tools available to them on individual platforms. With Twitch alone having approximately 7.46 million active streamers per month (figure correct as of July 2020), there is huge potential for innovation and development to be warmly received.

The team at BetaJester recognise this potential, and in their project, EARS (Esports Audience Response System), will focus on the creation of new tools for online streaming platforms like Twitch. The project will be informed by academics at the University of York.

EARS will build on existing streaming platform tools, such as live chatting, and allow esports streamers to pose questions, send information, and create polls to gather responses in real-time, facilitating the creation of more dynamic content.

This project’s ultimate goal is to create a working prototype mobile app which will be used by streamers and viewers alike. For audience members, the app will transform their viewing experience, and provide a brand new way to engage with streaming communities. For streamers, the app will house an array of tools which will allow them to make their content more agile and interesting, in turn helping them turn passive viewers into engaged ones.

Categories: Games, Performance, Technology