By the rising tide of Humber: Flooding Andrew Marvell’s Hull in VR

Project partners: BetaJester and the University of Hull

BetaJester develops immersive and interactive digital experiences across games, marketing, advertising and research.

Through this project, the creative and academic worlds of North and East Yorkshire come together to engage new and young audiences with the story of poet Andrew Marvell (1621–78), highlighting Marvell’s relationship with Hull and the Humber in the lead-up to his 400th birthday anniversary in March 2021. The project teams York-based BetaJester with University of Hull researchers to develop the academic team’s existing digital resource – a HEIF-funded geo-referenced, geo- modelled map of Marvell’s Hull that is linked to a previously developed flood modeller – to help simulate the impact on Hull of the 1646 Humber flood.

The project will develop BetaJester’s expertise in immersive heritage applications of VR to find routes to market in schools and maritime heritage sites, as well as new commercial clients.

Categories: Technology