Box in the Attic

Project partners: StoryPunk Limited, Bellyfeel Media and University of York

Box in the Attic is an interactive podcast series aimed at the next generation of narrative podcast consumers. The team at Storypunk will be working with University of York academics and Bellyfeel Media to develop the series.

Telling stories through audio has been around since the dawn of radio. Many consumers now experience podcasts through their phones, and the team at Storypunk believe that there is a significant opportunity to develop content that extends and enhances the audio-story experience.

At the core of Box in the Attic is a simple premise, that the story of someone’s life can be spun from memories of objects kept in a real memory box, or – in this instance – a virtual ‘box in the attic’. The podcast will begin with one person’s story, which can be experienced in traditional serial podcast form, but listeners will also be able to access the story interactively via an app. The story will be connected to a series of digitised, in-app objects that can be found in ‘a box in the attic’. This could include photos, writings, memorabilia such as childhood toys, clothes, books, videos and audio recordings. Together, these artifacts will represent the things that create memories and that allow us to piece a person’s life together.

The XR Stories funding will be utilised to develop, test and user-test an app prototype for the interactive podcast.

Categories: Arts, Technology