Project partners: Dubit and the University of Leeds

Blockout is a sports-based VR game which will be developed by the team at Dubit in collaboration with the University of Leeds. The project aims to encourage young people into the gym and to engage with sports through intuitive immersive game play.

The World Health Organisation recommends teenagers take an hour or more of moderate, aerobic exercise per day. Research suggests that children engage in an appropriate amount of moderate exercise throughout school, but do less physical activity as they get older. The team at Dubit aim to use computer games to engage young adults with physical activity.

Working alongside David Lloyd Gyms, the team aims to remove barriers to visiting gyms that young people can experience, encouraging greater activity levels as a result.

The project is building on the concept that any increased movement is beneficial. To quantify this, the team will be working with Dr He Wang at the University of Leeds, who will act as a consultant to support the development of the health tracking software that will be built into the game.

Categories: Games, Technology