BD Stories

Project partners: Freedom Studios, Carbon: Imagineering and the University of Leeds 

Freedom Studios is the home for new and experienced artists in Bradford. It brings together audiences and communities by creating new work and new opportunities to engage with the arts. 

Carbon Imagineering is a digital innovation and research and development company. Its mission is to discover the elemental building blocks of the near future and fashion them into new experiences for their partners and clients.

Carbon Imagineering, 3D and VR developers, and academics from the University of Leeds will take plays by Aina Khan and Asma Elbadawi – young writers from Bradford – and use mobile devices and social media to allow viewers to enter and explore the story world alongside the characters.

Storycasting allows performances to be live streamed to large audiences. By also streaming all the individual components of a story such as characters, places, timelines, viewpoints the ability to remix and navigate the story’s universe on the user’s own terms is also unlocked.

Categories: Arts, Performance