Awesome Animals Safari

Project partners: Fettle Animation, Joi Polloi, University of Bradford, University of Sheffield

Awesome Animals Safari is a multi-sensory, augmented reality (AR) safari, where the audience can meet and interact with their favourite animals. Using AR and fun interactions, children and families can explore fascinating facts about habitats and behaviours of different animals.

Did you know?

  • Owls aren’t really wise, for its size, the owl has a really small brain
  • Zebras can’t sleep on their own as they get scared
  • Crocodiles make really caring parents
  • Elephants eat up to 136kg of food a day

The project team will use facts like these as starting points to produce a series of stories, puzzles and challenges where the audience can learn through experimentation and playful interaction.

The Awesome Animals Safari project is a collaboration between Fettle, a multi-award winning animation company based in Huddersfield, and Joi Polloi, a BAFTA-winning independent digital studio based in Sheffield. The project is also underpinned by child-centred research from Digital Literacies specialist Dr Becky Parry, and Early Childhood specialist Dr Liz Chesworth, who are both based at the University of Sheffield’s School of Education. The project also explores the market potential of the work from Dr Carlton Reeve, Head of Games, Animation and Visual Effects at the University of Bradford’s School of Media, Design and Technology.

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