Air TV | Exploring immersive and interactive TV shows

Project partners: Air TV and the University of York

Leeds-based Air TV is one of the fastest-growing independent production companies in the UK. Since they started in 2015, their award-winning team has won commissions for nearly 200 hours of programming from UK broadcasters.

Air TV is working on a new ten-part show called Derelict Rescue for the Discovery Channel. With the support of XR Stories, Air TV will look to produce interactive and immersive content to run alongside the new series. 

The programme will be the first of its kind to explore 3D images of home build projects to enhance the viewer experience. The project will also look into how this technology can be used to showcase ‘view and do’ products that will be used as part of the restoration process.

As well as the potential impact on viewer engagement in broadcast media, there could also be commercial opportunities for the use of interactive models, including paid partnerships, sponsorship and product placement opportunities in the future.

Categories: Technology, TV