AI, What’s that Sound? AI and Responsible Storytelling

Project researcher:

Dr Jenn Chubb, research fellow, XR Stories

XR Stories’ research fellow, Jenn Chubb, is exploring the ethical and responsible development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the creative industries, particularly the sonic framing of AI narratives.

The AI and Responsible Storytelling project examines how music is used in documentaries about AI and how this impacts public perceptions of AI. Jenn has analysed documentary soundtracks and interviewed composers and sound designers to discover how they have approached AI documentaries. Jenn has also interviewed members of the public to explore what impact the music used in these films has on different audiences.

Jenn says:

“Music has power. We use it to make us feel good, to change how we think and how we feel. When music is used in storytelling, it can frame a story with fear, sadness or joy. In documentary filmmaking, music has the power to make the audience take sides on a narrative that is notionally objective.”

Discover Jenn’s research so far:

Sonic framing of AI

Narratives, Sound and Equality 

You can keep up to date with Jenn’s research on her website.

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