XR Stories supports development of new prototype story experiences

XR Stories has awarded funding to businesses and individuals from the Leeds City region to develop their ideas into prototype immersive story experiences.

In 2022, SMEs and creatives from across the region participated in the XR Stories Storymode programme, funded by the European Regional Development Fund. 

Participants learned how to develop storytelling skills to enrich their immersive projects through a series of free, guided workshops and one-to-one mentoring sessions with industry expert, Alison Norrington.

At the end of the programme, participants were invited to pitch for R&D funding from XR Stories to develop and test a prototype story experience.

Cosmos Films, Kitty Greenbrown and Last Maps were all awarded funding and work is now underway on three projects to blend compelling, immersive narratives with new and emerging technologies. 

The successful creatives will work closely with XR Stories experts to develop and complete their prototype experiences by spring 2023.

Find out more about the projects:

Under Her Black Flag

A pirate epic centred around two characters, ‘Under Her Black Flag’ aims to take the classic treasure map and update it for a contemporary audience. The experience will use interactive maps and immersive technologies to explore a changing narrative across web, app and physical location. Read more.


‘Tunche’ is a transmedia project that spans film, game and VR. Working with XR Stories, Cosmos Films aim to create a VR experience that will introduce the audience into a larger storyworld, mixing realism with Peruvian folk magic in a mysterious rainforest setting. Read more.

Vanished Streets

‘Vanished Streets’ is an emotive Augmented Reality (AR) experience that scratches the surface of the modern city to reveal the small, personal histories that lie behind it. The project will initially focus on the lost inner city suburb of Hungate in York. Read more.


Published on 30 January 2023

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