XR Stories projects explore immersive storytelling to shape climate change narrative

XR Stories has funded three projects that use immersive storytelling to challenge perceptions and drive behavioural change in relation to climate change.

The Climate Change Challenge funding call awarded grants to creative SMEs based in Yorkshire and the Humber to develop projects that explore how eXtended Reality (XR) technology can be used to address key climate change topics. 

Tackling subjects ranging from the hidden pollution of digital consumption to the impacts of flooding, the projects use a range of immersive and interactive experiences to place audiences in virtual, augmented and live scenarios.

The projects aim to shape narratives and influence behaviour in relation to climate change action. 

Explore the projects:

The Gyre 

Home Planet

In Here Out There

Outputs from all three projects will feature as part of the ‘Green Screens: Environmental Sustainability and XR Storytelling’ showcase event at the York Guildhall on Friday 27 January 2023.


Published on 15 December 2022

Filed under: R&D Projects