OpenXR 2 funding supports two further immersive R&D projects

XR Stories has awarded funding to two additional research and development (R&D) projects through the OpenXR 2 funding call.

Tyke Films and Pittswood Studio join four other Yorkshire and Humber-based businesses that have received R&D grants as part of OpenXR 2. They will work with XR Stories researchers, technologists and producers over the next three months to explore innovations in screen-based storytelling using eXtended Reality (XR) technologies.

Find out more about the projects:

Plunge VR

Plunge VR by Sheffield-based production company, Tyke Films, is an immersive experience for wellbeing based on an animated short film. Set within an underwater playground full of interactive everyday objects, the experience follows the character of Katie and her real-life healing journey through swimming in the North Sea. Visit the project webpage for more information.

Venues of Future Past

Venues of Future Past is a project by Yorkshire-based virtual production and creative filmmaking studio, Pittswood, to develop an immersive user experience exploring the cultural heritage of northern music venues. The experience will bring three iconic ‘dead venues’ back to life with interactive elements to explore the idea of active and accessible archiving. Visit the project webpage to find out more about the project.

Published on 9 May 2023

Filed under: R&D Projects