XR Stories funds four new immersive R&D projects

XR Stories has awarded funding to four new research and development (R&D) projects through the OpenXR 2 funding call.

Over the next three months, XR Stories researchers, technologists and producers will work with businesses from across the Yorkshire and Humber region to explore innovations in screen based storytelling using eXtended Reality technologies.

Find out more about the projects:

The Abandoned Library

The Abandoned Library by Wakefield-based studio, Dreaming Methods, is a story experience set in a future Northern England devastated by climate change. The project aims to fuse nature, language and technology to explore compelling new ways of presenting words and writing. Visit the project webpage for more information.

Immersive Storytelling Tools for Kirkstall Abbey

Immersive Storytelling tools for Kirkstall Abbey is a project by Immersive Networks, to create a new cross-genre form of mobile app for visitors to Kirkstall Abbey. The experience aims to provide a rich and embedded narrative, enabling visitors to interact with the historic site in a completely new way. The project will also explore how to maximise accessibility to the Abbey using immersive and interactive technology. Visit the project webpage for more information.

The Wood Beneath the World

The Wood Beneath the World by Leeds-based studio, Lord Whitney, is a project to create a VR prototype from an existing site-specific experience. Set in a mysterious world of the forgotten, the surreal and the subconscious, the project will provide valuable insights on the ways that creatives can incorporate immersive technology into their installations and experiences. Visit the project webpage for more information.

Veiled Reality

Veiled Reality is a project by Leeds-based digital innovation and R&D practice, Carbon Imagineering, to develop an immersive, first-person VR experience about an imagined future design of hijabs and niqabs. The experience is set in a future where emerging technologies, feminism and religion collide in the creation of wearable ‘shroud computing’ and ‘smart veils’. Visit the project webpage to find out more about the project.


Published on 14 February 2023

Filed under: XR Stories