XR Stories launches OpenXR 2 funding call

XR Stories has launched a new funding call for research and development (R&D) projects that push the boundaries of immersive and interactive digital storytelling.

OpenXR 2 invites Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from the Yorkshire and Humber region to bid for up to £25,000 to explore new prototype immersive and interactive story experiences or storytelling tools and platforms. 

This latest call follows the success of the first OpenXR in 2021, when XR Stories funded seven creative R&D projects that innovated in video games, live theatre and VR storytelling. Outputs from the 2021 projects have already featured at leading festivals and games conferences and SMEs leading the projects have won new commissions arising directly from R&D undertaken with XR Stories.

John Rose-Adams, Creative Producer at XR Stories and SIGN, comments: “Digital technologies are transforming the ways that stories can be told and the creative possibilities seem endless. Through OpenXR 2, XR Stories will provide companies with the time, space, expertise and funding to pioneer new and compelling story innovations.”

OpenXR 2 welcomes applications from SME businesses that are active in the screen industry sector (film, TV, games and related media industries) in Yorkshire and the Humber. Companies must be based in the region and must not have received R&D funding from XR Stories more than once before. 

Find out more and apply today.

Applications close: 5pm on Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Published on 31 October 2022

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