XR Stories explores the future of broadcast according to kids

A research project supported by XR Stories has revealed insights into children’s perspectives about the future of broadcast media. 

With a decline in children watching linear TV and the planned closure of the traditional broadcasting of CBBC, the project also explored how emerging technologies might affect the way that children consume their favourite content.

Led by Dr Dylan Yamanda-Rice and Dr Eleanor Dare of XORdinary Stories, ‘The Future of Broadcast Media according to Kids’ included a series of public engagement workshops for children and their families visiting the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford.

Children aged between 7 and 11 were invited to create buildings and characters for a future Beanotown (an imaginary world where Beano characters live) using cardboard and Play-Doh. The creations were scanned to create 3D digital models that the children uploaded to a Roblox game created by the researchers.

Child-participants gained knowledge about new technologies, including photogrammetry and metaverse platforms, and discovered new ways to interact with their favourite characters. In parallel, the research team gained insights into the children’s decision making processes and thoughts about future content creation.

Although the Beano provided a focus for the workshops, the children did not confine their thinking to the Beano brand alone and created characters and objects from other TV shows. A key finding from the project was that children want media content to be fun, social, and interactive, and for it to include a variety of brands.

The research highlights the need for children to be included in decisions about the future of broadcast media and to understand the impact and potential of new technologies. 

Read a blog by Dr Yamanda-Rice to find out more about the project.

Published on 21 September 2023

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