The Artificial Intelligence story crisis

XR Stories’ research fellow Dr Jenn Chubb has delivered a talk about storytelling and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for YorkTalks 2022. York Talks are a series of TED Talks style presentations by academics from The University of York.

The talk explores the important role of storytelling in how we make sense of AI. Stories about AI are often extreme and polarising, either presenting it as a dangerous threat or a solution to all problems. Dominant storytellers about AI tend to be from similar demographics and hold similar creative or financial motivations.

In her presentation, Jenn calls for new stories to be heard from a wider range of storytellers. More nuanced and representative viewpoints on AI will help us better understand how we can create a human-centred AI future.

Watch the full talk here

Published on 24 January 2022

Filed under: Digital storytelling, XR Stories