Immersive Climate Change projects to get XR Stories funding

XR Stories has awarded funding to three companies to create R&D projects that use immersive storytelling and cutting-edge technology to address key climate change topics.

The grants of £25,000 per company will be used to create extended reality (XR) projects, based on academic research on climate change.

Field Studio, a branding and design agency based in Sheffield, will create an augmented reality (AR) installation that focuses on the environmental impact of our digital footprint.

SAIL, a Leeds-based not-for-profit arts organisation, and Megaverse, a Sheffield-based immersive agency, are partnering to investigate how XR storytelling can be used to create more engaging carbon literacy training programmes.

Live Cinema are building on their existing fulldome prototype, funded by XR Stories. In Here Out There, in collaboration with fulldome artist and animator Michaela French, will explore our ecological connection with nature and the impact humans have on the environment. They will use a hardware device to monitor participants’ breathing, ensuring audiences have agency throughout this immersive experience.

Work has already begun on all three projects and XR Stories will continue to support their development through to completion in October 2022.

Published on 18 July 2022

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