Explore ABBA Voyage and ‘digital ghosts’ at York Festival of Ideas

XR Stories’ research fellow, Nick Bax, and Jenna Ng, from the University of York, will be delivering a talk at this year’s York Festival of Ideas on ABBA’s new immersive concert experience, ABBA Voyage. The pop group will appear as de-aged hologram versions of themselves, having recorded footage in 3D using motion capture technology.

Spooker Trouper: ‘Abba Voyage’ and the rise of digital ghosts will explore what it means to accept living people as holograms, present before us in real-time and seemingly in-person. Nick will draw from his recent research into mixed reality storytelling and the recreation of memory and individuals through immersive technology.

The York Festival of Ideas is an annual festival run by the University of York, which aims to educate, entertain and inspire through a diverse programme of events.

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Photo credit: ABBA Voyage

Published on 24 May 2022

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