BetaJester develop an immersive VR storyworld

XR Stories project partners, BetaJester and the University of Hull, have worked together to develop an immersive VR storyworld to visualise how a historic flood affected Hull in the 17th Century. Famous Hull poet, Andrew Marvell (1621-78), wrote about the event nearly 400 years ago and the 360-degree VR video is an immersive experience which transports the user to the time of the devastating flood. 

The BetaJester team built a digital model of historic Hull using old maps, archival and archaeological evidence. This was then integrated with the University of Hull’s Energy and Environment Institute’s floodplain computer model to represent how the flood would have hit the city.  

The project aims to allow users to experience Hull as it was in the 17th Century and discover what caused the flood in Marvell’s eyes. The project has enabled BetaJester to grow their expertise in developing immersive heritage content to improve education through creating more interactive experiences that would otherwise be less engaging and accessible. BetaJester works across games, marketing, advertising and research.

You can read more about this project and other developments we’re funding on our projects page.

Published on 9 December 2020

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