XR Stories explores next steps for the Creative Industries Clusters Programme

On 19 April 2023, XR Stories will take part in a conference at Westminster to examine the future of the UKRI’s Creative Industries Clusters Programme (CICP).

The conference will bring together stakeholders and policy makers to explore the success of the CICP programme and how to build on the achievements from each partnership to drive innovation and growth across the UK creative industries. 

The conference takes place at a key juncture for the sector, with the House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee report, ‘At risk: Our creative future’ and the Government’s Creative Industries Sector Vision at the forefront of discussions.

Professor Damian Murphy, will give a presentation on XR Stories, including case studies to highlight how the cluster partnership has brought together key players from industry, higher education and the public sector to support the creative economy in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

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Published on 14 April 2023

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