XR Stories at the Media Production and Technology Show

XR Stories has presented new research and explored the opportunities and challenges of Virtual Production at the 2023 Media Production and Technology Show (MPTS).

The event is the UK’s largest gathering for members of the media, broadcast and content industries and connects experts across all aspects of content creation.

XR Stories Research Associate, Nina Willment, introduced key findings from a first research report on Virtual Production (VP). Undertaken by Nina and XR Stories Senior Research Fellow, Dr Jon Swords, the study is part of a large-scale global academic research project into the VP industry and one of the first of its kind.

Nina was joined by Brad Blackbourn, VP consultant; Jodi Nelson-Tabor, Business Development and Training Manager at Final Pixel; and Jane Harris, Chair of Digital Design and Innovation at University of the Arts, London. Jane is also co-investigator on our new, VP-focused project: XR Network+.

The panel discussed a future research agenda for VP and considered how the industry and its working practices might develop in future.

Links: What is Virtual Production? An explainer and research agenda

Published on 12 May 2023

Filed under: Research, XR Stories